Social Intervention Multi-Media Outlets (SIMMO)

Social intervention that uses the creative innovation of technology to provide positive social engagement, promote self empowerment, and advocate for social change through supportive and safe outlets.

The Technology Boom is HERE !

WAUDI uses SIMMO to deliver mentoring and blended learning experiences in-person, through live video, and digitally online.
SIMMO offers youth and families more ways to get involved, then connects all of them for maximum effect.

Interactive Engagement

Organize members in relevant categories including Youth, Mentors, Success Coaches, and Sponsors.

Super Groups

Interaction and collaboration between self-organizing groups based on their relationship and areas of interest

Media Creation

Digital media creation tools to creatively share experiences and build skills with positive and uplifting messages.

Digital Portfolio

Create and assemble multi-media portfolios of accomplishments to share and archive.

Virtual Communication

Foster one-on-one and group communication utilizing web tools

Games & Apps

Provide engaging interaction created and developed by youth participants.