When training alone doesn’t get results, get REAL -

Realities and Responses

If you want to make a difference in the lives of children of all ages, this training is for you...

Teachers, Youth Instructors, Counselors
  • Take control of your classroom or youth group
  • Understand the motivations of students and why they behave the way they do
  • Use tried and true techniques to connect with youth on a deeper level
  • Have more time to teach and not be constantly interrupted by negative behaviors
  • Understand how you can better prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the important task of imparting wisdom and knowledge
  • Realize how your fears and misunderstandings can lead to student mistrust and disrespect
Parents, Guardian, Caregivers
  • Teach responsible behavior and a code of conduct for you and your child to follow
  • Learn the stages of development
  • Understand the warning signs and circumstantial side effects before it’s too late
  • Build a support team for your child, and find the necessary resources for success
  • Learn techniques to provide positive reinforcement to counter the negative messages in popular culture
  • Better engage with teachers and school administrators in providing the necessary guidance and direction to children
Case Managers, Juvenile Officers
  • How to effectively assess the situation and provide appropriate guidance and direction
  • Learn how to deescalate situations before they get out of hand
  • Recognize the signs of gang involvement
  • How to deal with mental health situations
  • How to involve the community and help youth build a support team
  • Help young people plan, set goals, and undertake a systematic process of meeting those goals
  • Techniques to reduce your stress level

A Comprehensive Solution

Our platform goes beyond your typical training sessions to deliver a systematic approach that can address the issues faced by youth today with tools, techniques and digital media resources that lead to positive outcomes.

Realities & Responses breaks through the noise and provides a common language through our Social Intervention Multimedia Outlet (SIMMO) that shows you how to meet kids where they are and help them realize their full potential.