Cultural Arts & Technology

Teaching social intervention and life skills through cultural arts and digital media technology.

The PowerHouse Trio

The primary vehicle for engaging interest in education and community building using a Purpose-Driven educational model that not only informs, but provides sustainable economic development for youth.

Digital Media

Cultural Arts


CATS uses entertainment and mass media to expose school-age participants to the importance of technology and introduces participants to a myriad of careers in applied technology through cultural arts.  This approach utilizes a variety of learning styles which provide youth an opportunity to benefit from their strengths with a clearer understanding of how they learn most effectively.

Our Impact Gallery

The best way to experience our innovative solutions is to witness the impact first-hand.  Follow your heart and choose the most engaging stories to inspire your mission.

New Age Learning

To reach children in this new age of technology, educators and social interventionists are forced to compete with mass media, popular culture, and high-speed entertainment.